Frequently asked questions

What is Sketchers United?

Sketchers United is a community of users who were abandoned by Sony when its Sketch community was closed. The goal is to build a new app and community that gets inspiration from the good parts of Sketch, and adds new exciting features.

Who are the people behind Sketchers United?

The website is run by former members of the Sony Sketch team, who all were dismissed from Sony in the beginning of 2019.

Is Sketchers United in any way affiliated with Sony?

No. Sony has no involvement in Sketchers United. That would be pretty silly considering Sony had a successful art community and threw it in the trash.

What is the goal of

The website serves as a starting point for a new app and community.

Why are you building a website and not an app?

We had very little time to build the community and doing it on the web is faster. We will soon launch apps for both Android and iOS.

Will there be a Sketchers United mobile app?


When will the new app be released?

We estimate that the new app will go into public beta testing in the beginning of November. All members of Sketchers United will be able to participate and help out during the beta. Version 1.0 of the app should be out before the end of the year.

Will the new app have a drawing tool?

Yes, the app will be built on the idea of combining creativity and social interaction.

Will the new app have collaboration?

Yes, we know many users love collaborations and we will try to make them better than ever before.

Will the new app have a chat?

Yes, otherwise our users will never stop nagging us about it.

Will the new app have feature X?

If it’s a feature that Sketch users loved, we will probably try to create something similar in the new app. If it's a completely new feature, like animation, the answer is maybe.