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What is Sketchers United?

Sketchers United is an app and a community for amateur artists and creative souls who are looking for a place to grow and find friendship.

Who are the people behind Sketchers United?

Sketchers United is developed and maintained by Colorful, a company registered in Sweden. Colorful is made up of former members of the Sony Sketch team who were dismissed by Sony in 2019. To learn more about Sketch, read the history of Sony Sketch

Are you in any way affiliated with Sony?

Sony has no involvement in Sketchers United. We use the experience gained at Sony do guide our decisions, but the site and apps are built from scratch by us.

Why was Sony Sketch shut down?

That was a business decision made at the highest level of Sony Mobile. The Sketch team tried very hard to keep the project going, but failed.

Will Sketchers United be shut down like Sony Sketch was?

We plan to keep the app going as long as we can afford it. No silly corporate decisions will cause us to quit.

How can I support Sketchers United?

You can find us on Patreon, where we would very much appreciate your support.

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Am I allowed to create a second account?

According to our terms, you can have more than one account as long as each account has a meaningful purpose. Creating new accounts to spam or do self-promotion will be treated as abuse. If you create a new account to evade a suspension/ban, the new account will also be suspended when discovered.

Can I switch to a different email for my account?

In order to use a new email, sign in on the website using the Google/Apple account for that new email, but stop when the app asks for a username for the new account. Then email and request a switch to the new email. The email should be sent from the old email address.

How do I delete my account?

First of all you need to know that deleting your account is permanent and all data will be lost. If you are sure about it, go to account deletion.

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Mobile app

Is there a Sketchers United mobile app?

Yes of course! You can find it on both Android Play Store and iOS App Store.

Why can't I find the app in the store?

You need to have Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or iOS 12.0 (or later versions) to install the app. If you don't have at least the minimum version, the app will not be listed in the store.

Will you support older versions of Android or iOS in the future?

Unfortunately no. Supporting older versions creates extra work and limits how much we can do with the app. Setting the limit at Android 5.0 and iOS 12.0 means we can do just about everything we want to do while supporting the vast majority of current devices.

I seem to be missing the dark mode option?

Dark mode is only supported on Android 8.1+ and iOS 13.0+. On Android 8.1+ you enable dark mode in the settings in the app. On iOS 13+ you enable dark mode in the device system settings.

When will the next update be released?

We do not have scheduled releases, but our goal is to release something at least every month.

Will the app be released in other languages than English?

Yes. Once we have stabilized the feature set, we will reach out to the community to create translations of the app. There is no set date for it, but we expect to start rolling out the first languages during 2021.

We are considering adding a translation tool for posts and comments as well, but that costs money, so it depends on our ability to pay for it.

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New features

Will the app get a drawing tool?

Yes, we are working on that. It is an important goal for the app to combine creativity and social interaction.

When will the drawing tool be released?

We cannot give a release date for it quite yet. Go to the news channel to get updates on the development. The plan is to release a very simple version first, and then let feedback from users guide further development.

Will the app get feature X?

We respond to the needs and wishes of our users, so if it’s a feature that many users request and would love, we will probably try to implement that at some time.

I have an idea for a new feature. Want to hear about it?

Yes very much! Go to the suggestions channel and describe your idea as carefully as you can. Often if it's a good idea someone else has already had it, so try to look in this FAQ and in the channel to see if your idea is already there before you post.

I found a bug. Where can I report it?

Go to the bug reports channel and describe the problem as carefully as you can. Bug reports from users help us a great deal in improving the app, so it is very important to us.

What extra features or perks are given to patrons?

We are working on a patron perks list. Right now what you get is a badge and a special invitation to the private patron group, where you can get extra attention for your ideas. Patrons also get our eternal gratitude!

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Rules and enforcement

What am I allowed to post?

The rules for what you can post, comment, and message are described in the terms. Please read the rules carefully before you share something that you suspect might be against the rules.

What is the sensitive switch for when posting?

The sensitive switch lets you warn people who you think might get upset if they see your post. This is a courtesy to your fellow community members and does not allow you to stretch the rules defined in the terms.

You should use the sensitive switch for things like artistic mild nudity or drawings with violent themes. These are allowed if done in a tasteful way, but may still be personally offensive to some users.

Can I post something offensive if I tag it as sensitive?

No. The rules for what you can post are described in the terms, and are the same whether you tag your post as sensitive or not. Please read the rules carefully if you are unsure about an image or topic.

How do I report something inappropriate?

Select the report option in the top right corner. You will be asked a few questions about the post before you can send the report. The moderator team will look at your report and make a determination about the post.

No. You may only post content that you own or have permission to post. Putting "Not my art" in the title or description is not enough. If you find an image on the internet that has been posted on Sketchers United, and you have reason to believe that the poster is not the owner, report the post as a copyright violation.

Report the post as a copyright violation, and include a link to your original work.

What happens when someone reports my post?

The moderator team will receive the report and try to determine if the complaint has merit. If the reported post is found to be against the rules, it will be removed. The offending account may be suspended temporarily or permanently if it's a serious offense.

Am I in trouble if many users report my art?

You are in trouble if you are breaking the rules. Being reported only means that a moderator will look at your post. If the post is against the rules, the moderator will take action. If the post is within the rules, there will be no action regardless of the number of reports.

Can I use someone else's drawing as base or background for my work?

Only if you have explicit permission from the owner of the base or background. You must also give credit to the original artist by linking to the artist's profile or - if the artist does not have a profile on Sketchers United - providing information on how to find the artist. The user who has shared the base or background will hopefully include information about how their content can be used. If you are unsure, it is best to ask the original artist directly.

What is your policy on tracing?

Tracing is when someone's work is put in the background of a drawing, and you draw along the lines of that drawing. Sketchers United has a policy against traced drawings as most users consider such art dishonest. Such drawings are considered copied from the original and are thus copyright violations.

What are the rules for the chat?

The same as for the rest of the app, as described in the terms.

What happens if I break the rules?

If a violation of the community rules happens, a moderator may suspend the offending account temporarily or permanently. The duration of the suspension depends on the severity of the violation, and if it's a repeat offense. Check the moderator guidelines for more information about how how the rules are enforced.

What does it mean to be suspended?

If an account is suspended, the owner cannot perform any actions in the community, such as posting, commenting, and chatting. If the suspension is temporary, all features will be restored when it expires.

How do I know if I am suspended?

When suspended, a banner appears at the top of your profile, stating that a suspension is in place, and when the suspension expires. If the suspension is permanent there will be no expiration date.

Why is my account suspended?

Probably because you broke the rules of the community. Moderators will suspend users who post highly offensive content or engage in harassment or generally offensive behavior or spam. Suspensions are also applied in cases of repeated copyright infringement. To find out the specific reason for a moderator suspension, email support.

Why am I not allowed to message in a public chat room?

You are either susupended or a moderator has muted you in the specific chat room. To see if you are suspended, check if you have a suspension banner at the top of your profile. If you are muted, your chat function will return after a while.

Can I appeal a suspension/ban?

Appeals should be sent to Please prepare your case carefully before appealing. If you are suspended, try to understand why before contacting us. Explain how you see things, why you think the suspension is unfair, and how you will try to avoid the same thing happening in the future. If it is a temporary suspension, the best idea might be to wait for the suspension to expire and avoid breaking the rules in the future.

Who are the administrators?

The administrators are people who work for Colorful - the company behind Sketchers United. Administrators have the highest level of control of the community and determine who gets any other privileged role.

Who are the moderators?

Moderators are users with special privileges who help us enforce the rules of the community. Moderators have access to special tools for reviewing reports, remove content, and suspend users who are in violation of the terms. Moderators can also mute users who abuse the chat. The moderator team is guided by the moderator guidelines. A link to a list of the current moderators can be found in the sidebar of the website.

How can I become a moderator?

The need for more moderators is determined by the current moderator team. You can contact the moderator team by asking a question in Ask the mods.

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Privacy and personal safety

What are your rules and recommendations for personal information?

You are not required to give us any personal information when signing up to use the service except your email address. You do not have to give us your real name. The email address is used to identify your account and to email important information about your account. The email address will never be shared with any third party. Please read more in our privacy policy.

If you wish to reveal your real name, for promotional or other reasons, feel free to do so, as long as you are of legal age in your jurisdiction. See below for recommendations for underage users.

Do you have any special recommendations for underage users?

Yes. DO NOT share any personal information about your self in the app that can be used to identify you in real life, including but not limited to your home address or full name.

This app is rated 12+ on Google Play and the App Store. If you are under 12 years old, talk to a parent or legal guardian about using the app under their supervision.

I am being harassed or bullied. What should I do?

First of all, you should probably block the user who is targeting you. If someone has posted offensive personal attacks against you, you should report the posts. If the harassment is serious, file a complaint via email to our support. Examples of very serious harassment are threats of violence and hate speech.

What happens if I block someone?

When you block a person, the user

  • Cannot comment or react to your posts.
  • Cannot contact you using the chat option.
  • Can mention you, but you will not be notified.
  • Cannot follow you, and if the user is already following you, the follow is removed.
  • Cannot view your posts while signed in. Note however that anyone can see all profiles and posts on the web when not signed in.

You will see at the top of a user's profile if you have blocked the user. The user is also added to the block list that you can find in the app settings. The user who is blocked will also be able to see on your profile that you have blocked them.

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