Terms of Service

Sketchers United is a free service for creating and sharing digital art. The service is built and maintained by Colorful AB, a company registered in Sweden. This document informs you about the rules and conditions for using the service.

The service allows you to submit content and interact with other members of the community. When doing so, you must follow our requirements for shared content, as well as our rules of conduct.

Failure to follow the rules may cause us to suspend your account temporarily or permanently.

Forbidden content

When sharing content such as videos, images, and text, or when communicating with other users, the following is prohibited:

  • Pornographic or sexually explicit material.
  • Violence or gore, unless it is very mild.
  • Hate speech or bullying.
  • Personal information or address of another person (doxing).

The content you share must be your own, or you must have the explicit permission from the content owner to make use of the content. Conditions for reuse is dictated by the license for the original content.

In addition to this, you must refer to any work that you reuse and follow the terms of reuse as stated by the creator. If the work does not state any such terms, or you are unable to find them, you must not use it in any work you share on Sketchers United.

Licensing of shared content

When you share content, you agree to allowing Sketchers United to present the art to others on its website and other media channels. You still own your content and you do not allow any other person to use your work, unless you give explicit permission.

If you mark your work as a collaboration, you explicitly allow other users the right to create derivatives of your work, given that they (1) give attribution to the original work, and (2) allow others in turn the right to use the derivative work under the same rules.

Sensitive content

When sharing content you are required to make a reasonable estimation as to how it might affect sensitive users. For example, you are allowed to make drawings that explore the human form, as long as the drawing is artistic and in good taste. In such cases you shall select the "Sensitive" option when sharing your content. NOTE: You are in no way allowed to post content described in "Forbidden content" above. This option exists for content that is within the rules but still might be upsetting or controversial.

Multiple accounts

You may create additional accounts on the service, as long as each account has a meaningful purpose. Creating a large number of accounts to gain attention or an advantage is prohibited.

Creating a new account to evade suspension of another account shall result in the suspension of the new account.


You must respect other users and not engage in harassment, bullying, or spamming.

You are expected to be civil in your interactions with other users. Racial slurs and other offensive terminology is not allowed.

Your privacy and data

We handle your privacy and data in accordance with our privacy policy.

Changes to this policy

We may update this policy from time to time. You are advised to periodically review this policy as you use the service. Any changes to our policy are effective immediately after being posted on this page.

How to contact us

For questions or feedback about this document, please contact us at support@sketchersunited.org.