Privacy Policy

Version 1.1 - March 25, 2021

Sketchers United is a free service for creating and sharing digital art. The service is built and maintained by Colorful AB, a company registered in Sweden. This document informs you about policies regarding privacy and data collection when using the service.

Personal data

To run this service, various data is collected about you and your activities.

You are identified by your email address. The validity of the email address is determined by a third party, Google Inc. Sketchers United does not store any other data about you from Google. We may use the email address to send you information we deem important for you to be able to use the service and address issues with your account. The email address will NOT be used to advertise or promote any other products than Sketchers United and will NOT be shared with any third party.

Additionally we require you to enter a short unique username that identifies you on the network. You also have the option to provide a longer more descriptive name that does not have to be unique. The names do not have to have any connection to your real name or person.

When sharing content (drawings, brushes, blog posts, etc) or when any other action is performed on the network, the content and records of your actions are stored in our database for the purpose of creating a productive social environment for the participants in the community. The content you have shared may be presented to other users in contexts that you might not expect, such as appearing in daily top lists, or used to present the Sketchers United product. The collected data is NOT shared with any third party.

To request a dump of the data collected about you, or to request that your data is completely removed from our systems, please contact

Anonymous data

Anonymous data is data that cannot be associated with you personally. The service collects such data for the purpose of improving the service. This includes, but is not limited to, how users move around in the app and interact with it, and how the app is performing while in use.

For detailed information about what anonymous data is currently collected, please contact

Requesting your data

To request the data associated with your account, contact using the email that was used to create the Sketchers United account. We handle requests for data within 30 days. Some data requests, like chat logs, are processed quicker. Please state the particular data you are interested in when contacting us.

Deleting your data

To request account deletion and all associated data, contact using the email that was used to create the Sketchers United account. We normally handle account deletion requests within 5 business days.


All traffic between your device and the cloud occurs over a secure channel (HTTPS).

Much of the content that is shared on the network is visible on the open internet. This includes all posted images, comments, and information on a user's profile page.

Sketchers United is an open platform for creativity and art. Private information such as your address, your full name, or personal photos, should typically not be shared on the network. For underage users, we may remove such content to protect the user.

Do not rely on Sketchers United to store very valuable or highly sensitive information.

Changes to this policy

We may update this policy from time to time. You are advised to periodically review this policy as you use the service. Any changes to the policy are effective immediately after being posted on this page.

How to contact us

For questions or feedback about this document, please contact us at