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Hello I used to be on popjam but that's dead now also I'm a furry
Nicknames: Bimmy, Holly, and Derpy

If you are homophobic an anti-furry racist a art thief etc (please) leave

Uhh bad memory :O|

Stuff I like: Pingu
Welcome Home
Poppy playtime
Imaginary friend asylum (and more)

Just a warning I'm awkward and I can't start or keep up a conversation so don't expect much from me if you're bored :^ @Frogointhesun @CookieRunKingdom @inksoul15 @Mothiedoodles @Axolotl564 @brainrotterrr @ThatLazyArtist @Blue_Artist_246 @KothanDoesStuffs @SpongeIsANerd @Just_OZZY @Galaxy_sunset @Floppcake @wings_of_art @AlmaRaccoon @ARandomSomeone @creammyx @stardog @mathlet_foox @yourdearfox @Jackie_TheArtist @CRAFTaniac @gray_lol @cheeeeees @EnderTheEndermen
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Sona: #BimmyTheCritter
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Ocs: #Derpysocs
Species I own: #Wratholites #Crazzeagles
My au: #ElliotsArrivalAu


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