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Right Sup I’m Funky err you can call me BJ if you want :3
Any pronouns work ig I prefer they/them tho :]
Right got disabilities or whatever err autism, dyslexia, ADHD/ADD, OCD (yup cool)
My fav person on this dumb app @DerpyAxolotl
Errr things I like!: Beetlejuice!!!!! Err helluva boss, hazbin hotel (not in the fandom tho bcz it’s shit), Lego Batman!!!! I can’t remember what else
I actually don’t know what the fuck to say
Err I kin blitzø and Beetlejuice
Aromatic epic
“Aw thank you! You give me a boner!” - Beetlejuice
That’s it ig
So yeah stay feral my dudes


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