Joined Feb 22 2023

Hi! Welcome to my bio 🎉

✨Please use she/they pronouns for me✨

🤠Pansexual, and Demi-Girl🤠

Some fandoms I'm in^^ :
🍄Furry, Therian, Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss, South Park, Bluey, The Owl House, Amphibia, Gravity Falls, Wings Of Fire, Warrior Cats, Weirdcore, Cottagecore, Cavetownie, Sanrio, The Amazing Digital Circus, and that's it! 🍄

🔥Please call me : Axolotl, Axo, or Kai! 🔥

🌸I do both traditional art and digital art🌸

🎵I play Trumpet, Violin and piano🎵

❤please vent if you need to, my DMS are open❤

⚡Some songs I like :
Rises The Moon (Liana Flores), Blue Hair (TV Girl), This Is Home (Cavetown), Juliet (Cavetown) ⚡

🔷I might not post daily! 🔷

🌧I like rain🌧

💐B-day : March 19th💐

🍬food I like : Ramen, Strawberries, Kiwis, Mangos, Mac'n'cheese, tomato soup🍬

☮️My hashtags : #564Kai #564Amy #564Star #564Mystery #564Axol #AxolotlComp☮️

🌿theriotypes : Arctic Fox, ? Cat🌿

🍞the end🍞


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