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Hiyo humanoid! :>
•Names: Flopp/+Cake, Dust, Blitz ִ ࣪𖤐
•Prns: she/her (tho any non-masc is alr) ♀️
•I do digital art 𖦹
•if my 3 brain cells rub together correctly I can animate stuff ☼
•fandoms/interests: WoF, tadc, murder drones, angel hare, cos Roblox, hh/hb, warriors, vita carnis, kipo, toh 𖤓
+ rain world, fnaf + cult ot lamb, tho haven’t played I just like the characters/lore lol 𖦹
•protogen furry 𓃠
•cathearted ♡⃝
•non-human/AHPI ⎇
•quadrobics ☾
•aro/ace ♥︎
•pj evacuee ★
•oc tags: #deltaisfallen #scorpioncircus #circusoffunkies #stellcaninism #ancestorsquest #voidwebs
•safe space, be nice ☏
•basic dni 𓏴
•periodic table gang (copper) #periodictablegang
•chaotic wurm gang (menace) #wormteamsuperior 𓆑
•fruit gang (kiwano) #fruitgangwow 𓍊
Speaks English + Polish ⚐
Working on possible conlang ¿


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