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Hi there, my name is Suki and my pronouns are she/her! Welcome to my profile! <3


●my mbti is INFP-T

●My time zone is EET

●I use clip studio paint

●I can be found in hoyolab as Suki illust !

Tags♡ :

#itsMeSuki - main sona/meet the artist
#itsMeIsabel - second sona

#LoopOc & #Loopref - my main oc Loop

#Sukiocs - all my characters

#forSuki - any art made for me


Profiles♡ :

•My second account: @Suki_illust_wip

•My friends and cool people!!!
@Dreamykitty / @pissmaster460 (<-BFF♡!!) @RoseTintedTerror @wykx_dream @MossyTanuki @Lefi @floofy_rockruff @Honey_Muffin @Akwamer @Pancake_Cat @rqttenvom1t @pixiikat @DazzleNinja @Hiikamee @Eggtoast @LUKI @yumimoon

•my cousin @Bean_Art


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