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⚠️ATTENTION: this account is inactive⚠️
Welcome to the circus!🎪Here's something about me:
Nickname: PietersonOficjal, Pieterson for short
Gender: Male♂️
Age: 18
Country: Poland🇵🇱
Languages I can speak: Polish🇵🇱 and English🇬🇧🇺🇸
Birthday: December 23rd🎂
Hobbies: games🎮, drawing✏️
Fav. games: Minecraft⛏️, Plants VS Zombies🌻, Friday Night Funkin🎤
Sony Sketch user since: 25 January 2019
Fanart tag: #Fanart4Pieterson
My OCs: #PietersonsOC🦊
My collabs: #PietersonCollabs
My polls: #PietersonPolls
App I use to draw: Sony Sketch🎨
Roleplays: only with followers
Requests: only from followers
Art trades: 𝙣𝙤
Current goal: 700 followers🔝
Status: single, probably forever (because I'm ugly)💔
Sexuality: straight/heterosexual, though I support LGBT
I also have accounts on YouTube🎥, Instagram 📷, Wattpad📚 and DeviantArt✏️ (all of them are called @PietersonOficjal)
Idk who drew background, I found it on Pinterest
Have fun!


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