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Joined Oct 2 2019

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👋 Hello, welcome to the MasterJoshua456 account.
😄 SUPT member/SU feature team member He/ They
😅 Former moderator for SU
🤔 Wairing for 1.0 to show up.
👀 Expect a post every day (or 2 days)

Things about me:
👉 17 years old
👉 Cant draw bodies and instead posts abstract art
👉 Obsessed with Arcaea (look it up if you're interested)
👉 I kin most characters from danganronpa and Hikari, Taritsu and Lagrange from Arcaea

Posts made:
Memes, edits and words from my heart

⚠️ Triggers (set one off and im blocking you):
Gacha drama, p0rn, trolls, complete idiots

#Sketchronpa (Ultimate Lawyer in it and still alive)

👌 Ppl you should follow:
@joetazuna (My sister)
@RhythmGameGod (My alt)
(DM if you wanna be added)

Roblox: MasterJoshua4567

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