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"I love myself but I don't love me back" -Yoonswife
Pfp is Raine from TOH

Check back in my about every so often because I change the section below semi often
This is a message to those who follow me or want to
I'm sort of inactive! I've been having a lot of art block recently so I don't draw a ton
I get bits of inspiration sometimes but if you follow me when I post don't be surprised if I don't post for a while afterwards!
If you like me go follow @Potatochumuwu @Lilky and @Funsyfigs

My ref sheets are in #LbOcs but I'd consider most outdated at this point
i only know English but I'm learning some Spanish? Not a lot though
Please give me constructive criticism if you feel like it
Im experimenting a lot in general but mostly with color so don't be too surprised if things change up a bit

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