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jarhead: "a US Marine." (okay then lol)

-Started Sony Sketch on February 7, 2016-

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My DMS are open for Moderator Things or just to talk!

I luckily found myself here lol.
Anyways about me.
I speak English and Spanish, So if you need help with communication or translating, I can help!
(Si necesitas ayuda con comunicación o Traducir, Yo Puedo Ayudar!)

I'm 20
I use a Graphic Tablet, XP Pen Artist 22E Pro
Birthday: October 7
YouTube is: Jarheadx
If you searched my name to find me, Yes its me.. creeper shirt mf. Hi, its me..

I go by jar, I've been called

jared, jar jar, grandpa jar, man bun, grown ass man, femboy jar, mophead, old man, boomer, sugerdaddy, jarl, Jarsus Christ, Jarse, Jughead, Jar-Ossan, Uncle Jar, DILF

Close your eyes dance with me
Je suis rempli tristesse et je suis troublé, Werent meant to be.


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