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Sorry every body I'm so busy until the year 2030 or 2031 or even past then so you can't Chat me or get me to do anything or see me Draw. BYE!!!! <-- And this includes all the Administrative Work or any questions you have because I do not care anymore. And I may quit to plant veggies in the Garden yay! And I am going to post photos or texts online but I don't care about anything else because I am free, but I might also stop doing that because when you think about it all gets kind of useless, and it's nicer to be under the sun with love than making posts


if you send me a message i will ignore it.
this is because i do not do sketch things anymore at this moment in time and it is impossible to chat with me or become my friend. if you are not my friend i do not want to talk to you whatsoever and i will not care at all.
alas you will never be the exception.

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