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If you want to report someone to me, please ask to DM me on one of my posts :)
she/her - lesbian - 🇬🇧🇵🇱🏳️‍🌈 - BDay 26.08.
Half British / Half Polish
💛Polish & English speaking moderator💛
I have anxiety, so please use tone indicators around me <3 it helps me a lot❤️
✨Doing mod work when I get free time✨
⭐Timezone: GMT+1⭐
(Pfp by boblitt on art fight ❤️)

🌟My instagram! --> @sherl.pl

🌟Have art for me? Tag it #ArtForSherl ! I'd love to see it <3💛

🌟Named Sherlock PL since 13.2.2017
🌟I'm a Sketch veteran, I've been using Sketch since it's very beginning, when it was still a tester app only for Sony Xperia phones! (So since ~2014)

iCuddleBuddy/iSoulmate❤️: @Yaneu
iChildren💕: @luciferchan @MOTH @crystl @sugarsalem @loaflmiabread @pocari @godly_sheep @archimedesu_ @Italianmother @LUKI @Oncie @vanilla_creme @_N3OMI_ @Just_Waxa_Jsksk @XrandoxgirlX (If u want to be one, just ask uwu)

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🌟Art Trades - ask/mutuals only
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