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(Feb. 2020--I'm still around, just not posting at the moment! Saying this because I lost two watchers... :/ ) ... I'm tehuti88/tehuti_88 in most places. I was on Sketch for about one year and had 2 followers (a spammy mass-follow, and a reciprocal follow). I have a backlog of art to upload but will do so gradually so I don't flood the site--it eventually improves, I swear! ... I'm more of a writer, though. Find my work here!: https://tehuti88-art.tumblr.com/ , https://tehuti.deviantart.com/ , https://tehuti88.blogspot.com/ ... I don't have Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or Discord; barely use YouTube; and couldn't activate my Amino account for some reason. Sorry. :/


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