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We post designs of how countries, cities, etc. will be depicted as birds for our soon to be official concept of Countrybirds. Suggestions are welcome and always open especially redesigns for a certain country if you think one has to be redesigned as diff coloration or species.

Latest (Countrybird) Designed: Pretoria

Feel free and don't hesitate to send a suggestion by both private chat and comments on posts.

Few rules for sending countrybird design suggestions:
1. Must relate to countries, cities, oblasts, region, province, state, etc.
2. If the area has a flag, I'll accept it.
3. You can give ideas on what bird species the place can be represented as. (Opt.)

Feel free to use my art as your profile pics to express where you're from! 😉👍

Don't spread any political context about the countries and places mentioned and shown on the posts I posted.


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